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In October of 2006 we started collecting turtle eggs for incubation. We collected about 285 eggs and released 257 baby turtles.They all safely made their way to the ocean. Every time we would release a group of turtles, we would notify the town (a 45 min. walk from Tigre Salvaje) and 25 to 30 adults and children would come to watch and help the turtles find their way to the sea. The influence this experience could have on a young mind is hard to calculate. It is customary to eat the eggs but no one had ever seen a baby turtle before.

Our goal this year was to release 2,000 babies but with the help of the students and the volunteers we now have hopes of releasing an even larger number.

Due to the amount of turtle egg hunters, who not only sell the eggs but also the meat of the mother turtles, and the amount of dogs who roam the beaches in search of turtles and their nests, there are now very few nesting turtles left on Punta Burica. Because of the amount of perdation, Tigre Salvaje volunteers have begun a program to purchase the eggs from the hunters before they go to market.

The Leatherback turtle nest early in the year, from February to July. Last year there was one seen near the island, the first in many years. If it did lay eggs on The Island, there is little hope that any escaped the egg collectors. The Olive Ridley and the Green turtle nest from July through December. This June, before the turtle nesting season starts, we will gather turtle eggs, watch over them for the 45 days it takes for them to hatch, and then release them, so that more of them might survive. We have to wait for Mother Nature, so the approximate dates are:

April 30/May 1
May 9/10
May 30/31

I have promised to help the children build an incubator near the school of Bella Vista. We will also have a class on how to move and care for the eggs. The children (and adults) will keep records of where, when, how many, temp of sand, how many days to hatch, etc.


At this point in time contacting us is not the easiest thing. David Teichmann and hi wife have email addresses but living out on the preserve and working with the animals means that they have to travel far to get to an internet cafe which is slow so don't expect a quick response.
If you are adventurous and show up we will find space for you.

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