Tigre Salvaje


35 years ago, before the first cattle ranchers started clearing the land, this point of land must have been a magical place with every thing from jaguars to macaws, but these and many other animals have not been seen here for years. One generation, that’s all it took to destroy what the earth had used millions of years to create. There are still 3 types of monkey living in the small patches of forest. The mantled howler monkey, the white faced capuchin and the red- backed squirrel monkey. If you don't know the plight of the red backed squirrel monkey then you should! Studies of this monkey say that there may be as few as 2.000 left in the world. Most of the remaining monkeys live in this area and over the border in Costa Rica.

We have troups of Red Backed Squirrel monkeys in the area with 35 or 40 individuals but studies have shown these troups have only 2 or 3 females due to the hunters who shoot the mothers to sell the babies. When we moved to Punta Burica the hunters were openly plying their trade and transporting baby monkeys on public transportation for sale in the nearby towns. We have not completly stopped this decimation of a nearly extinct species. With the help of the volunteers, newspapers and by turning in names of hunters we have certainly slowed them down.


Dead mother shot so a man could sell a baby.
Children play with kinkajous in a zoo. Below kinkajous killed for eating coconuts. Due to deforestation the kinkajou has very little of their natural food left so they have learned to open coconuts but the pig farmers want the coconuts for their pigs. The kinkajous are hunted at night with flashlights and rifles. Not for sport, not for food but because they eat coconuts.

At this point in time contacting us is not the easiest thing. David Teichmann and hi wife Vielka have email addresses but living out on the preserve and working with the animals means that they have to travel far to get to an internet cafe which is slow so don't expect a quick response.
If you are adventurous and show up we will find space for you.

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