Tigre Salvaje

Tigre Salvaje is a wildlife sanctuary in Panama located on the Pacific Coast at the end of Punta Burica near the border of Costa Rica. We are trying to save several different endangered species. Primarily monkeys, including the Red Backed Squirrel Monkey and 3 types of endangered sea turtles. In December of 2004, Tiger Salvaje S.A. Purchased the Derechos Posesorios, (Right of Possession), for a 5 hectare piece of land t the end of Punta Burica, Panama. We are using the land as a natural animal reserve, and a base from which we we can extend tree corridors to the small patches of forest that still remain along the Panama and Costa Rica border.

We are also involved in enviromental education, reforestation and acquisition of more land from the ranchers for reforestation and the re-introduction of native species. We have completed 2 of the planned "Ranchos". They are 2 stories, palm roofed house with refrig, hot water showers, toilets, elect, gas stores, and each can sleep 8-10 persons. We have his and her bathrooms with showers for campers. Tigre Salvaje is close to there completing a seven bedroom hotel with restaurant. There is no road to this property To get to this property you must wait for low tide, and then drive on the beach to the town of Bella Vista. Then it is a 45 minute hike or a horseback ride into the reserve.

In addition to the Tigre Salvaje Project, we have applied for the concession for Isla Punta Burica. The island is approximately 11 hectores; it has a small beach thet sea turtles use for a nesting area.
This island project is named the Ultimo Refugio. The beach and the island must be protected as it is the last place on the peninsula a where the hunters and fishermen have not decimated the last of the nesting turtles. They do go out to the island to dig up the eggs.

Our plans for the island include 5 small ranchos for tourists, and a scientific research station and a student dormitory. We need to reforest the area with native fruiting trees.

We would like to use the island for an animal rehabilitation project, where the animals that the government agencies confiscate could be taught to live on their own. These animals have lived their entire lives in small cages or tied to a rope.

They are taken out and released in the forest where they slowly starve to death or are killed by dogs, hunters or natural predators. The island needs a scientific research station and a student dormitory. The students will be an important part of the rehabilitation process and would be on the island to protect the turtle nests and conch that are being exterminated by the poachers.
Tigre Salvaje volunteers clean discarded conch shells from Isla Burica.
Conch poacher on his way to sell some of the last of this endangerd animal.

At this point in time contacting us is not the easiest thing. David Teichmann and hi wife Vielka have email addresses but living out on the preserve and working with the animals means that they have to travel far to get to an internet cafe which is slow so don't expect a quick response.
If you are adventurous and show up we will find space for you

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