Tigre Salvaje

Besides an abundance of local birds, we also get an amazing variety of migreratory birds that stop to rest and feed on Punta Burica.

One insedious practice that we have been trying to put an end to is the poisoning of creeks and rivers, by men who then collect the dead, freshwater shrimp so that they can sell them in the market.

The poison that they use is a herbecide that is sold for farming. The poison kills every thing in the water then the birds, raccoons, and other animals eat the shrimp and are poisoned.

This sensless waste destroys huge parts of the ecosystem. I don't know what happens when the poison water runs into the ocean.

These birds were photographed eating in a poisoned creek.

We have turned in some of the men, with there ID numbers, and police reports, but nothing was done.
When the same men returned and poisoned more creeks, the Volinteer Group sent a letter to A.N.A.M. asking why. We have heard nothing.

This is only one of the problems that we are facing. Help us.

Deforestation has taken many of the large trees that birds have been using to nest in for generations. We have been building bird houses in areas where they can be protected. Many young parrots, parakeets and other birds are taken from their nests and sold for pets.
The Macaw has not been seen here for many years.


At this point in time contacting us is not the easiest thing. David Teichmann and hi wife Vielka have email addresses but living out on the preserve and working with the animals means that they have to travel far to get to an internet cafe which is slow so don't expect a quick response.
If you are adventurous and show up we will find space for you.

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