Tigre Salvaje

Every student of the environment knows about the fungal disease that is responsible for the rapid decline of many species of frogs and other amphibians.
Amphibians need water to reproduce. Another problem we face here comes when people ignore the laws and cut the trees from the creek banks. The trees are cut to make more land available for cattle and farming but when the trees are cut the banks erode and the creeks dry up.
We have been trying to reforest the creek banks but without help from the Panamanian Government it is hard to get permission to reforest another mans land.

At this point in time contacting us is not the easiest thing. David Teichmann and hi wife Vielka have email addresses but living out on the preserve and working with the animals means that they have to travel far to get to an internet cafe which is slow so don't expect a quick response.
If you are adventurous and show up we will find space for you.

More information in English and Spanish

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